This is a platform dedicated to the ATS companies’ minifootball championship. The project is 100% custom-made and displays the current situation within the championship along with a history of the previous editions. It comprises fixtures, the management of matches and stages, the teams, player profiles, the referees, auto-generated standings, etc.

With BNT Sistem we share a long-standing and ever-growing collaboration. They are one of our most enduring clients in the Romanian market and together we have developed many projects, which we carefully maintain and support technically on a regular basis. Check here all the projects for this client.

Client Testimonial:
„We are very pleased with our collaboration of over three years with Dehalo. Their team proved to be reliable, professional, fair, and offer the best quality-price ratio in Cluj. I strongly recommend them!”
Lucian Stirban, BNT Sistem, RO
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