Morgan Clark, UK

Our collaboration with Morgan Clark LTD, one of our biggest clients in the UK, is constantly evolving. Our services include full monthly maintenance, technical support for existing sites, and development of new projects. Check here all the projects for this client .

The company’s presentation website is created with WordPress, includes custom-made design and many other tailored features to meet the client’s needs.

Morgan Clark
Client Testimonial:
„Having spent many unsuccessful years using exclusively UK agencies, we finally took a leap into the unknown and tried Dehalo on a strong recommendation. I only wish we had done so years before – the quality, speed and skill of the work undertaken by the Dehalo team was excellent and far less expensive than we have been used to paying. My fears of using a company who were not based solely in the UK were totally unfounded.”
Lindsey Morgan, Morgan Clark, UK
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Note: In time, the online version of the websites may have undergone some changes. With this particular project, the design was provided by the client.