Dehalo Web Design

We are passionate about the online world

We are passionate about what we do.
Since 2008, we have been working using a mixture of experience, talent and passion for the online environment. We are specialised in small and medium-sized projects because we like to be thorough in our work without rushing things or giving less than 100%. With our rigorous approach comes a sense of our worth as professionals, as well as of the worth of our services.
If we turn out to be a good fit, we promise to nurture an open and mutually beneficial collaboration with you. If we happen to be a less-than-perfect match, we will let you know before things get complicated. Either way, we will surely part as friends..

On a lighter note, you should also know that:
– you can call us in the middle of the night or on Christmas day
– we love our morning coffee
– many of our clients are now our friends
– for us, the online world is first of all a passion and only secondly a job
– we always try to offer more than you asked for

Let’s get in touch.