Web design and beyond

By “web design” we mean more than just creating a website
Behind every successful website there is plenty of hidden elements that are often invisible to the untrained eye. Here, at Dehalo, we understand this, so we give you more than you ask for..
More than Web Design

In all our projects, we make sure to include several connected services and actions, essential to ensuring the proper visibility of each website.

In your interactions with the online environment you will have most probably come across terms such as user experience, website usability, SEO, conversion rate, Meta elements, structured data, CTA, navigation chain, above the fold and many more. If you are not quite sure what any of the above means and how you are supposed to integrate them in your project specifications, do not worry about it.

Running your business is your special talent, just like knowing our onions in web design is our own. Leave all the complicated-sounding terms to us and we will see to it that they are all properly integrated in your website. Should you feel curious about them, however, feel free to ask us and we will do our best to explain. We love going into details about these things, as they are part of our job.
You are in good hands.

Web 360
The Web 360 Pack comprises a series of services related to web design, which we include in all our projects. You are thus guaranteed to get a website that is up and working from the very beginning.

The services fall into 5 main sections and cover all the basic requirements of a professional website.


  • Domain
    – domain name validity check
    – SSL certificate validity check
    .htaccess file configuration check
  • Install and configure Google Analytics
  • Install and configure Google Search Console
    – check & repair reported errors
    – add sitemap in GSC
  • Adding and configuring Robots.txt
  • Installation and configuration service for Uptime Site Monitoring


  • Compatibility with mobile phones and tablets
  • Optimize site loading time
  • Images and pictures from the site
    – licensed images will be used
    – image editing and retouching
    – resizing and optimization
  • GDPR


  • Site logo requirements
  • Requirements navigation menu
  • Website header requirements
  • Action colors, CTAs and buttons
  • Breadcrumbs


  • URL structure
  • Menu Structure & Page Hierarchyr
  • Keywords Research (Primary/ Secondary/ Long Tail)
  • Meta Elements
  • Add Structured Data Markup


  • Create the QA or FAQ page
  • Check the content of emails that are sent outside
  • Blog optimization


Do you want to implement these functionalities in your website as well? Let`s get in touch!