Ionuț Popa și Asociații, RO

The presentation site of the notarial Office Popa Dorobantu and associations facilitates the process of information on legal issues for potential clients.

Professional and simple design integrated with WordPress platform, with full administration panel, easy to use and pages created to structured presentation of service information, these are the ingredients that have met the requirements of an always up-to-date site, in a very competitive area at the moment in the online environment.

Ionuț Popa și Asociații
Client Testimonial:
„We were glad to meet a team at DEHALO who understood our needs and managed to translate them into technical language. With their help, we have developed an elegant and friendly website that respects our brand identity. It was a constructive process and we are grateful for the patience, creativity and forbearance of the whole team.”
Popa Dorobanțu și Asociații, RO
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