Luna Solai, RO

Luna Solai is a authentic Romanian brand constantly evolving. They are one of our oldest clients in Romania. The company produces premium, cold-pressed oils and we have been collaborating ever since 2012, when their website was launched.

We created two websites for Luna Solai: a presentation website using WordPress, and a second online shop created with Magento. They both use custom design, a full Admin Panel and tailor-made features required by the client.

Luna Solai
Client Testimonial:
„Our first meeting in 2012 was enough to convince us to start a collaboration with Dehalo, as I realised they had fully grasped what the Luna Solai project was all about and what its needs were. At the time, we were still working to build the identity of our project and the expectations were very high. Our decision to continue this project and continue developing the Luna Solai online shop together is built on trust, knowledge, acceptance – all these being elements that now define the relationship between Dehalo and Luna Solai.”
Felicia Tulai, Luna Solai, RO
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Note: In time, the online version of the websites may have undergone some changes. With this particular project, the design was provided by the client.